Saint Vincent Tournante Burgundy Wine
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Saint Vincent 2024

Saint Vincent Tournante Burgundy

Saint Tournante 2024 – Chambolle Musigny and Morey-Saint-Denis

The Saint Vincent Tournante wine festival was a chassé from Ballerinas to Burgundy. The theme of the 80th edition was Arts and Wine ‘Les Arts et Les Vins’. Spanning the towns of Morey-Saint-Denis and Chambolle-Musigny, the landscape transformed into a spectacle of beauty as thousands of meticulously crafted flowers adorned vines, walls, and homes in the towns, attendees soaked in the rarity of some winter rays pulsating. It’s the prettiest wine fair I’ve had the pleasure to attend, a testament to the benevolence of those who must have spent countless hours preparing these arrangements. 

Saint Vincent – Chevaliers de Tastevin et Doyenne

The festival was inclusive, warmly welcoming to people of all ages. The doyenne of the event, Madeline Barthod of Chambolle-Musigny, born in 1931, the first of fourteen honoured by Chevaliers de Tastevin

Throughout the weekend, there were nooks to celebrate music, literature, dance and cinema, food and wine. The fruit juice tasting for children was a thoughtful addition to complement the adult-only wine-tasting tables. There were quotes on the town walls, describing wine’s life force from famous chefs to the children of Morey-Saint-Denis, ‘wine is as good as milk’ one of them said. 

Saint Vincent Burgundy Wine Festival Ambience

Conservative pours of Premier Cru were offered to all, Jacques Frédéric Mugnier and Domaine Dujac included. There was just enough wine for people to break out in Ban Bourguignon when somebody smashed a glass, but there wasn’t too much feral frivolity. As we walked back to Vougeot train station, the platform heading north to Dijon and the other heading south to Beaune became the stage for a spirited sing-off, who could chant the loudest – a song popular at marriage dinners—the essence of their penchant for revelry, one of life’s little wonders. 

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