Rolling out of bed into the hills Ardèche. - Rhône Girl
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Rolling out of bed into the hills Ardèche.

A weekend spend rolling out of bed into the hills of Ardèche for the bottling of @vincent__ruiz07 first wines. One of a few natural wine makers in the Northern Rhône.

Rabbit was chopped then cooked, from bare to braised, a genuine sack of bread remained at the doorstep, a staple to mop up the kg’s of cheese we consumed for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Wine consumed from sunrise to the next, ‘Stephanie this is not Australia this is Ardèche’, Vincent would say.

And Ardèche it is, wild and real. I can still hear the beats of Vincent’s hands on the lunchtime table to build momentum for singing. Sing first, eat second. I watched in astonishment, it was just brilliant.